Talented Tamil actor Suriya is back with his next film which has been titled Gang. Directed by Vignesh Shivan, the film features Ramya Krishna and Keerthy Suresh in the other lead roles.

Suriya’s Gang Movie Review

Suriya’s Gang Movie Review

Suriya’s Gang Movie Review

 KE Gnanavelraja produced Gang and the film released all over today. Here is the complete review of the film.


 Gang is the story of Uttam Das (Suriya) who dreams of turning a CBI officer right from his childhood. However when time arrives he gets rejected because of the corrupted officers.  It is during this time, he forms his own Gang and starts raiding top businessmen along with politicians. This soon creates a stir across the department and the government starts searching for the Gang. The rest of the film is all how Uttam Das and his Gang manage to end up proving their innocence. Watch Gang to know about the complete story.


 Suriya and his performance

Keerthy Suresh and Ramya Krishna

First Half

Cinematography and Production Values



 Second Half

Too much Tamil flavour

Boring narration

Predictable Climax



Suriya tops the show with his packed performance throughout. He has been extremely energetic and tops the show throughout the film. Ramya Krishna has a decent role assigned and she did it with utmost perfection. Keerthy Suresh has been restricted but she delivers out her best in the limited role. Karthick has been completely impressive as CBI officer and he turns the film serious. All the other actors have been extremely impressive with their performances in the film.

 The story of Gang has been inspired from Bollywood blockbuster Special 26. The film’s screenplay falls short of the expectations and the dialogues have been decent. The music and the background score are huge disappointments and they make no impact. The cinematography has been outstanding and so is the editing work. The grand production values make the film look colourful and Vignesh Shivan manages to narrate the film in his style and the major plot gets deviated during the second half.

Final Word:

 Gang has a decent first half however the film dips down during the second half. Suriya tops the show with his performance but too much Tamil flavour leaves the audience shattered. Gang is a below average entertainer.


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