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Subrahmanyapuram Review : 2/5

Subrahmanyapuram Review : 2/5

Subrahmanyapuram Review : 2/5

Subrahmanyapuram Movie Review

Young actor Sumanth is back to track with Malli Raave. The actor after a small break is testing his luck with Subrahmanyapuram which is an action thriller. Santhossh Jagarlapudi is the director and Eesha Rebba is the female lead. The film is hitting the screens today. Here is the complete review of Subrahmanyapuram:


Subrahmanyapuram is all about the village and about an ancient temple and the mystery behind it. A researcher Karthik (Sumanth) starts investigating about the temple and a series of suicides make the people clueless about the mystery. Karthik is an atheist and a couple of twists create interest. The rest of Subrahmanyapuram is all about the real reasons behind the series of suicides and what happens next. Watch Subrahmanyapuram to know about the story.



Couple of twists

Rural appeal


Poor production values

Screenplay and Direction

Technical aspects

First half

Subrahmanyapuram Review : 2/5

Subrahmanyapuram Review : 2/5

Subrahmanyapuram Review : 2/5


Sumanth has been decent as an atheist and he does a decent job throughout the film. His character hasn't been penned strong yet the actor delivers his best. Eesha Rebba has nothing much to do in Subrahmanyapuram and her role has been completely restricted. All the other actors have been given limited roles and they delivered out their best for the film.

Subrahmanyapuram has an interesting plot but the execution and the presentation makes it a lackluster watch. The film looks extremely poor and offers nothing interesting throughout. The poor production values make the film even worse and it tests the patience of the audience. The songs, cinematography work and the editing part falls below the line. Director fails to narrate what he wished.


Subrahmanyapuram is a poor attempt from Sumanth and his team which offers nothing interesting and lacks exciting stuff. Skip it.


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