Nandamuri Balakrishna's Jai Simha movie releasing today. Keep Watching portal for Jai Simha Live Updates and Jai Simha Review.

Jai Simha Live Updates

Jai Simha Live Updates

Jai Simha Live Updates

"Watch this Space for the Full Review Coming Up"

Final Report : Balakrisha, Brahmins scene, Interval Twist are the good things in the first half , First Half satisfies fans and B & C category audiences. Comedy in the second half did't worked well, climax of movie is seems a bit old, Total drama is Routine but engaging. Overall It is watchable movie for this pongal. 

  • Climax fight with high fan moments choreographed well  - The end 

  • Flash Back done, heading towards climax , both the villains Ashutosh Rana and Kalakeya Prabhakar join hands to take revenge on Balakrisha 

  • Few Emotional scenes which are interlinked to movie opening hospital scene 

  • It's Time For Song Now Yevo Yevevo, shot on Balakrishna & Haripriya 

  • Clash b/w Prakash Raj, Nayanathara's father and Balakrishna. Few scenes leads to major twist - Balakrishna Marries HariPriaya ... 

  • Now Hari Prriya's life interlinked scenes are on, which are higly emotional 
  • High Action block involving Ashutosh Rana and Balakrishna is going on.

  •   Now it is revealed that Balakrishna is a mechanic and Haripriya introduced as his assistant in mechanic shop.
  •   It's time for Melody Priyam Jagame song between NBK and Nayanathara
  • Post interval, movie opened in flash back, 3 years ago in vizag. few scenes are on between Nayan & Balakrishna

Interval Report: Only high moment in the first half is interval twist and some comedy scenes and actions blocks have placed in the movie only for B & C audience are good some extent & Ammakutti Ammakutti is fest for fans. Drawback is some routine scenes, Overall it good till now.  

  • With Balakrishna’s impressive action fight with Kanniyappan gang to save his son… Followed by trademark Balakrishna trade mark punch dialogues and good twist just before Interval Time is intriguing !
  • Now ACP insults poojaris.intense scene between poojaris and cops is on and Balakrishna interrupts the scene...A big scene involving hundreds of Brahmins is shot well.

  • Now comes "Ammakutti Ammakutti" song. Shot on NBK and Natasha,NBK is killing it with typical dance movements.It will be fest for fans.
  • Now the film is progressing with old and regular story.

  • Balakrishna has joined as driver in Murali Mohan's house. Natasha Doshi has made simple entry and she is Murali Mohan's daughter. 
  • Balakrishna moves to Kumbhakonam In Tamilnadu from Vizag. Brahmanandam  joines the scene and some comedy scenes are on.
  • Anganagaa Andala lokam Sentiment Song shot on Balakrishna and on his kid  
  • Movie shifts to Vijaywada, Balayya entry is simple in Railway Station. And Sentiment Song Follows ..
  • Movie Opened In Hospital, where Nayan started searching her missing baby.  
    • Show Time : Movie Has Started Now, It's 165 Minutes Length ... 


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