Sapthagiri LLB Movie Review: 2.5/5

Young actor and comedian Sapthagiri tested his luck last year with Sapthagiri Express. He is back with his second film as the lead actor with Sapthagiri LLB  which is the remake of Bollywood movie Jolly LLB. Charan Lakkaakula directed the movie and Kashish Vohra played the female lead. Here is the complete review of the movie.


Sapthagiri LLB  is the story of an advocate Sapthagiri (Sapthagiri) who comes to the city from a village to earn money and turn popular in his profession. After a while, he challenges Raj Paul (Sai Kumar) one of the top lawyers of the country. He files a PIL against a closed case after which the film takes an interesting turn.  The rest of Sapthagiri LLB  is all about what happens next and how Sapthagiri makes it big in his life with this case. Watch Sapthagiri LLB  to know about the entire story. 



Lavish Production Values

Court Episodes

Cinematography and Background Score


Screenplay and Narration

Second half




Sapthagiri delivers out one of the finest performances for the film. He has been apt in the role and he performed with perfection. Sapthagiri carried the entire film on his shoulders. Kashish Vohra looks stunning on screen but has no scope to perform. Siva Prasad and Sai Kumar nailed it with their stupendous performances and they topped the show. All the other actors have been decent in their roles. 

The story of Sapthagiri LLB looks decent but it is the adoptation that makes a costly mistake. In the process of matching the Telugu nativity, the makers missed many logics throughout. The dialogues have been decent and the cinematography is the major highlight of Sapthagiri LLB. Lavish production values make the film colorful but the director fails in adopting the film well. 

Final Word: 

Sapthagiri LLB  falls short of expectations and the court episodes along with the performances make a decent impact. On the whole, Sapthagiri LLB  can be given a skip despite of Sapthagiri's stupendous performance throughout. 


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