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Idam Jagath Review: 2.5/5

Idam Jagath Review: 2.5/5

Idam Jagath Review: 2.5/5

Idam Jagath Movie Review: 2.5/5

Young actor Sumanth is testing his luck with an action thriller titled Idam Jagath. Anil Srikantam is the director and Anju Kurian is the female lead. Gangapatnam Sridhar produced Idam Jagath and the film released all over today. Here is the complete review of Idam Jagath:


Idam Jagath is the story of Nishit (Sumanth) who suffers from sleeping disorders. He turns reporter and starts filming crime scenes. He misuses the footage in this process. He falls in love with Mahati (Anju Kurian). He shoots a murder scene that changes his life completely. The scene has mafia involved and the rest of Idam Jagath is all about what happens next.



Interval episodes

Some interesting twists

First half


Second Half

Predictable narration

Love story



Sumanth delivers out one more convincing performance in Idam Jagath. He has been energetic and did well during the second half. Anju Kurian does her job well and she has an interesting role in the film. Comedian Satya manages to impress the audience with his performance. All the other actors looked apt and decent in their roles.

Idam Jagath has an interesting plot set up but it is the narration that makes the film fall flat. The screenplay should have been better. The music and the cinematography have been decent and made the film look decent. The production values have been good and the director steps out with a different attempt and has been partially successful.


Idam Jagath is a different attempt which appeals to a limited section of audience. Sumanth delivers out his best in this crime thriller. 


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