Balloon‬, ‪Jai‬, ‪Anjali‬, ‪Tamil cinema‬, ‪Janani Iyer‬, ‪Sinish Sreedharan‬, ‪Yuvan Shankar Raja‬‬ Ballon Movie lacks a pulse

Balloon - Official Trailer | Jai, Anjali | Janani Iyer | Yuvan Shankar Raja | Sinish


Balloon, a Tamil-language horror film starring Jai and Anjali didnt impress audience . and remains as yet another failed attempt to mix humor and horror.  Tamil cinema repeatedly persuing the ghost stories, lately since this genre made huge profits earlier. It seems the time ended for horror genre in tamil cinema. The story is same old story of a wife husband, nephew and some friends spending time in ooty resort. dispite of some good performances,  it lacked pulse. Final word. Yet another Failed Horror flick.


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