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Young and talented director Maruthi did not have a decent hit in the recent times. He even penned scripts for several small budget films and they ended up as duds. The ace director is on a break for the first time in the recent times. He is in talks with Allu Arjun from some time and he even signed a film for Geetha Arts some time ago. Maruthi recently met Allu Arjun and narrated a script.

The actor was not happy with the second half and he asked Maruthi to make changes and narrate him again. Maruthi is currently on a mission and is keen on working with Allu Arjun in his next. He is focussed completely on the film and will announce it soon once he gets his nod from Bunny. Allu Arjun is currently in talks with Trivikram for his next film and an official announcement will be made soon.


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