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Mass Raja Ravi Teja tested his luck second time this year with Nela Ticket and the film failed to impress the audience. Kalyan Krishna Kurasala directed the movie and Malvika Sharma played the female lead. The film failed in all the available ways and Nela Ticket ended up collecting Rs 9.85 crores in its final run. The theatrical rights including expenses have been sold for Rs 25 crores. SRT Entertainments produced Nela Ticket and here are the closing collections of the movie: 

Nizam: Rs 2.90 Cr

Vizag: Rs 1.15 Cr

Ceeded: Rs 1.35 Cr

Guntur: Rs 0.80 Cr

East: Rs 1 Cr

West: Rs 0.60 Cr

Krishna: Rs 0.60 Cr

Nellore: Rs 0.45 Cr

AP and Telangana: Rs 8.85 Cr

ROI: Rs 0.85 Cr

ROW: Rs 0.15 Cr

Total Worldwide: Rs 9.85 Cr

Nela Ticket Closing Collections

Nela Ticket Closing Collections


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