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Reddy-Murthy-Blackmail Story!

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This is story of blackmailers- who in guise of journalists- running a website which is rumoured to be funded by YCP. They are known for their blackmailing tactics and earned crores of rupees. For every movie- the producer has to pay at least 1.5 lakhs as Nazarana to Murthy and another Rs. 5-10 lakhs as advertisements to Reddy. For a layman the immediate question is- Why should anybody pay money unless they have some thing to hide. But in Tollywood – the fear of blackmailing articles and reviews is very common among producers. They played on that fear. For example- Dasara movie is coming on silver screens. A bad review costs producer crores of Rupees. So they have to pay for a good or balanced article or review.

How much Murthy demanded and paid for review and for news? According to reliable sources Murthy was paid 1.5 lakhs as Nazarana – means Nazar padakunda (in telugu)- means not writting negative articles and tweets. On Tuesday he collected another lumpsum from a young producer – for deleting a tweet which he tweeted earlier – which gives the name of Hero Viswaksen new film. These are not stray incidents. It is well organised blackmailing and coercing.

How Reddy- Murthy duo became powerful.. what is their modus operandi.. who are players behind their rise? Once arrested by police on a blackmailing article how reddy became powerful and who are the PRO’s who helped them all along.. you will get all these answers along with some proofs in our brand new articles in coming days..

a clue..
If you have any doubts about their blackmailing tactics- ask Senior Producer Bandla Ganesh- once best buddy latter turned foe of Murthy. As the readers might have aware- Bandla Genesh in recent tweets- told about story of blackmailing tactics of Murty.

who is Reddy & and who is Murthy & What is name of the Website..leave the answers in comment box..