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Dil Raju’s Balagam is having Dream run at the box office! 

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Balagam - Dil Raju

The box office success of Dil Raju’s low-budget film Balagam is phenomenal. Like no other movie in recent memory, the film is running long.

Dil Raju once more demonstrated why he is an expert at evaluating movies and endorsing quality films based on their content rather than their star power.

Nowadays, long theatrical runs for movies have become rare due to the rise of OTT platforms, and it is even more challenging for low-budget movies to achieve this. At the box office, though, Balagam is still performing well. Particularly in Telangana, the movie is enjoying a fantastic run.

Balagam mesmerized everyone with its dream run from the moment it was released, and even today, two weeks later, it is still doing well at the box office.

Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram play the key parts in the movie, which is directed by comedian-turned-director Venu Yeldandi. Harshith Reddy and Hanshitha Reddy are the producers of Balagam. The songs were written by Bheems Ceciroleo of Dhamaka fame. Significant parts were played by Venu Yeldandi, Muralidhar Goud, Jayaram, Roopa, Racha Ravi, and others.

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