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Nayanthara says Balakrishna is the Biggest Brat than Prabhas!

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Nandamuri Balakrishna - Prabhas - Nayanthara

Nayanthara is currently busy promoting her film Connect in Hyderabad, Meanwhile in an interview, when Nayanthara was asked about Tollywood’s top heroes, She Responded superbly!

Nayanthara about Tollywood Top heroes she worked with: 

Prabhas is a small kid, He jumps around, cracks jokes, He’s a Brat

NTR – I have been like so so amazed by his dances, the way he transforms is like this on Screen, I have never seen him doing rehearsals, if I ask him can we do rehearsals, he says you do if you want to but I’m ready!

Chiranjeevi sir is a very down-to-earth person he never shows off his stardom and attitude, He is extremely caring, Both the film I did with him was partly his production and One was properly his production so they were like extra extra extra sweet to me!

Balakrishna is the Biggest of all the Brats,  Everyone is scared of asking him for one more Take, but he is a happy Person

Venkatesh sir is My first hero in Telugu, he is like my family, He use to be very nice & warm that’s the reason I got the guts to do many films with him!

Nagarjuna sir is Charmer, he is the sweetest & Nice person, They achieved big heights because of their good attitude, Chiranjeevi sir, Venky sir, and Nag sir are all like that!

Raviteja is my Best Friend, we just lost connection now due to our busy lifestyles but he use to be my Best friend and we used to talk in Hindi on sets!

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