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Prabhas gets a Royal welcome at Mogalthuru!

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Prabhas & Family

Prabhas and Family visits their native place Mogalthuru after untimely demise of Rebel star Krishnamraju garu!

Today, Prabhas and Krishnam Raju’s Wife Nirmala Devi & Children addresses Mogalthuru People and The Rebel family gets Royal welcome at Mogalthuru and Prabhas shows his Kind Nature by Arranging food to 1 lakh fans at Mogalthuru!


20220929 153450

Prabhas at Mogalthuru


20220929 160657

Mogalthuru people for prabhas

20220929 153448

Prabhas at Mogalthuru

20220929 153445

Prabhas & Nirmala Devi garu at Mogalthuru

20220929 153451

Rebel star family at Mogalthuru