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Raghava Lawrence undergoes bulky body transformation for Chandramukhi 2!

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Raghava Lawrence

Raghava Lawrence is currently busy with his next film Chandramukhi 2, and intriguing part is He undergoes huge body transformation for Chandramukhi 2!

Raghava Shares his new pics on Twitter in which he is seen in Bulky look with huge muscles and Along with the pics he also thanked his gym Trainer & Fans who supported him,

Raghava Lawrence Wrote, “Hi everyone, I want to share two things with you. Firstly, I want to share a my small effort i’m taking to transform my body for Chandramukhi 2. Thanks to my trainer Siva master for bringing this change. I need all your blessings. Secondly, I would like to thank all my donors for supporting me and my trust for all these years. You all stood by me and supported my vision with your donations. I have done the best I can and taken help from you whenever I needed it. Now that, I’m in a good place and I’m signing more movies, i’ve decided to take the full responsibility of serving people by myself. Hence, I request my supports to not donate your money for Larencce charitable trust. Your blessings is enough for me. I’m grateful for the support and love i’ve been receiving all these years. I will soon arrange a thanks giving event for all my supports!