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Yashoda Teaser out, Samantha comes with an interesting Majestic thriller!

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Yashoda Teaser out starring Samantha directed by Hari-Harish Produced by Sridevi movies and Music by Manisharma!

Samantha fans are eagerly waiting to see Samantha in a spectacular role, and the teaser of yashoda impeccably granted with Thrilling elements!

Yashoda teaser begins with Samantha introduction as a pregnant lady and her look seems very simple Traditional girl and who gets precautions from Doctor, and on the flip side teaser further reveals that Samantha in Modern Girl look, gets facing some Brutal situations and we can also see Samantha getting panic, Screaming and Running to escape and Also she is seen getting involving in to action sequences!

Teaser Grants Thrilling and Suspense sequences which happens in pregnant women life!

Check out the Yashoda Telugu teaser here;