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Rana Daggubati’s Aranya Movie Review



Aranya Movie Review

Aranya Movie Review | Tollywood macho man Rana Daggubati who is attempting different films signed a social drama that is titled Aranya. The film is directed by Prabhu Solomon and the film features Vishnu Vishal, Zoya Hussain and Shriya Pilgaonkar in the other lead roles. Eros International produced Aranya and the film is releasing in Telugu and Tamil languages today. The Hindi version of the film is delayed due to the coronavirus. Here is the complete review of Aranya:


Narendra Bhupathi (Rana Daggubati) receives appreciation from the Indian President for his work for forests. He is called Aranya for his love of nature and elephants. When things are going extremely well, a minister (Ananth Mahadevan) plans a township in the forest. This project will destroy hundreds of acres of forest land and also turns out to be a threat for the survival of elephants. The rest of Aranya is all about Narendra Bhupathi’s take against the movie and how he fights against the system. Watch Aranya to know the story.


Rana Daggubati

Sound design


First Half


Second half

Slow paced drama

No emotional connect

Misses the major logics

Performances: Rana Daggubati is a treat to watch as Aranya. His performance has been top class throughout the film. He would be the best option for the role and his mannerisms are top class. Shriya Pilgaonkar has a role that comes with a twist. She fits well as a journalist in the film. Vishnu Vishal, Zoya Hussain have meaty roles assigned and they are good. Anath Mahadevan is good and Raghu Babu generates some smiles. All the other actors are good in their assigned roles.

Aranya has an interesting subject but it is the treatment that goes haywire. The screenplay has enough flaws and the second half of Aranya misses several logics. The dialogues are good. The sound design, background score and cinematography work are the major strengths of the film and are the highlights. The makers spent lavishly for the film. Prabhu Solomon succeeds partially in delivering an impressive film.

Verdict:Aranya is a decent attempt but the second half of the film falls flat. Technical aspects are the major strengths of the film.

Rating: 2.5/5


Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab Movie Review



IMG 08042021 214459 1208 x 900 pixel

Vakeel Saab Movie Review | Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is making his comeback with Vakeel Saab and the film is directed by Sriram Venu. Anjali, Nivetha Thomas and Ananya will be seen in other important roles. Shruti Haasan is the leading lady and Prakash Raj plays a commanding role in the film. Thaman is the music composer and Dil Raju is the producer. Vakeel Saab is releasing in a record number of screens across the globe. Here is the complete review of Vakeel Saab:

Story: Vakeel Saab is the story of Satyadev (Pawan Kalyan), a lawyer who is a socialist and fights for the problems of the people. He comes across three working women Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas), Zareena (Anjali) and Divya (Ananya) who land into a problem because of three youngsters. When they are almost given up, Satyadev takes up the case and the rest of Vakeel Saab is all about how they manage to win the case. Watch Vakeel Saab to know about the rest of the story.


Pawan Kalyan

Second Half

Courtroom episodes

Emotional Drama





Flashback episodes

Performances: Pawan Kalyan delivers his career’s best performance in Vakeel Saab and he looks subtle, decent. He excelled in the role of a lawyer and is a treat to watch. Anjali is the major emotional connect of the film and she delivers a top class performance in the movie. Nivetha Thomas has been good and she did a decent job in the role.Ananya has been good in a supporting role. Prakash Raj packs a punch throughout the second half and Pawan Kalyan’s role is well elevated because of the role. Shruti Haasan is wasted and her role makes no impact. All the other actors are good in their roles.

Vakeel Saab is inspired from Bollywood film Pink and is the best version till date. The screenplay and the dialogues are the biggest strength of the film. Thaman composes the best background score for the film and the songs are good. The cinematography work by PS Vinod is good and matches the mood. The editing work too is good. The production values of Vakeel Saab are grand enough. Sriram Venu joins the list of star directors after the release of the film.

Verdict: Vakeel Saab is one more blockbuster for Pawan Kalyan and is one of his best works till date. Pawan Kalyan shines in the role of Satyadev and he carries the entire film on his shoulders.

RATING : 3.25/5

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Karthi’s Sulthan Movie Review



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Sulthan Movie Review | Young actor Karthi after the super success of Khaidi is testing his luck with Sulthan, a mass entertainer. Bhagyaraj Kannan directed the film and Rashmika Mandanna is the heroine. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music and Dream Warrior Pictures produced Sulthan. The film released in Telugu and Tamil languages today. Here is the review of Sulthan:

Story: Sulthan (Karthi) completes his graduation in robotic engineering and he dreams of floating a new company in Japan after informing his father (Nepolean). His father passes away when he in his village. Sulthan takes the responsibility of several dealings and promises of his father. He also faced several hurdles from Sethupathi (Ramachandra Raju). The rest of Sulthan is all about the son keeps up the promises of his father and completes all the dreams of him. Watch Sulthan to know about what happens in the film:


First Half

Action Episodes

Interval episode

Karthi’s performance

Background Score


No strong basic plot

Poor second half

Regular narration

Poor love story

Performances: Karthi who scored two super hits with Khaki and Khaidi is working for the third time with Dream Warrior Pictures. Karthi’s performance is a treat to watch and he looked good as Sulthan. He excelled in the role. He is flawless in the action episodes. Rashmika Mandanna sizzles as a village belly. The actress did per part well in the role of a girl with attitude. The love story should have been better. Nepolean and Lal will be seen in other impressive roles in Sulthan. Ramchandra Raju does decent in the role with negative shades.

Sulthan has a regular plot and it is laced with a lot of action. The second half of Sulthan looks poor and pale. It offers nothing good. The music is ok and the background score composed by Thaman looks impressive. The production values are grand. The photography work along with a powerful background score supported Sulthan well. The editing is good. The film’s director did a decent job with Sulthan.

Verdict : Sulthan is a shabby attempt that has an overdose of action. The emotional and the romantic track never works well.

RATING : 2.5/5

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Nag’s Wild Dog Movie Review



IMG 02042021 093243 1208 x 900 pixel

Wild Dog Movie Review | King Nagarjuna is testing his luck with Wild Dog, an action thriller in the direction of Solomon. Nag plays an NIA cop in this action drama. Dia Mirza, Saiyami Kher and Ali Reza will be seen in other important roles in this action drama. Matinee Entertainments are the producers and the film released today across the globe. Here is the review of Wild Dog:

Story:Wild Dog is inspired by real-life incidents and is all about the series of bomb blasts that took place in Hyderabad and Pune. The Indian government hands over the responsibility to National Investigation Agency (NIA) to probe into the issue. Ajay Varma (Nagarjuna) leads the team and the rest of Wild Dog is all about his mission, efforts to nab the criminals behind the series of attacks. Watch Wild Dog to know about the rest:


Honest narration

Crisp runtime

Action Episodes

Background score


Slow pace

Restricted appeal

Many flaws

Performances: Nagarjuna looks perfect in the role of Ajay Varma, a ruthless NIA cop. His character is well designed and Nag adds life for the role. He dominates the other actors with his performance throughout the film. Dia Mirza looks good in a small role. Saiyami Kher fits well in Wild Dog team and delivers her best. Atul Kulkarni gets a good role and his screen presence, performance are good. Ali Reza, Avijit Dutt and Appaji delivered their best for the film.

Wild Dog is inspired by real-life incidents and the narration is honest. A lot of hardwork is kept on the film and it is visible through the narration of Wild Dog. The screenplay is good and the episodes in the second half should have been better. The music is good and the background score is one of the highlights of the film. The cinematography work is decent and the production values are grand enough. Solomon delivers a decent work with Wild Dog and the second half should have been better.

Verdict: Wild Dog is a decent attempt but it is quite predictable. The second half misses many logics and this can be given a shot for those who love spy thrillers.

Rating : 2.75/5

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