Ram Gopal Varma’s Gajinikant in RGV Missing

Ram Gopal Varma RGV Missing
Ram Gopal Varma RGV Missing

Ram Gopal Varma’s Gajinikant |Ram Gopal Varma introduces Gajinikant in his twitter, a look-alike of Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth in his upcoming movie, titled RGV Missing. Ram Gopal Varma may be the busiest director in the entire world during the lockdown.

After releasing some of his films on his own platform RGV world theater, RGV announced his upcoming film, RGV Missing. He has been sharing new posters from the film in social media.

In his latest tweet, Ram Gopal Varma introduced Gajinikant’s character from the movie RGV Missing, who will be investigating a case. This is resembling the superstar Rajinikanth and is the fifth-look poster from the movie RGV Missing.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Gajinikant


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