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Ram Gopal Varma’s Gajinikant in RGV Missing



Ram Gopal Varma RGV Missing

Ram Gopal Varma’s Gajinikant |Ram Gopal Varma introduces Gajinikant in his twitter, a look-alike of Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth in his upcoming movie, titled RGV Missing. Ram Gopal Varma may be the busiest director in the entire world during the lockdown.

After releasing some of his films on his own platform RGV world theater, RGV announced his upcoming film, RGV Missing. He has been sharing new posters from the film in social media.

In his latest tweet, Ram Gopal Varma introduced Gajinikant’s character from the movie RGV Missing, who will be investigating a case. This is resembling the superstar Rajinikanth and is the fifth-look poster from the movie RGV Missing.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Gajinikant
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Allari Naresh’s Naandhi Movie Review: Perfect comeback for Allari Naresh



Naandhi Movie Review

Naandhi Movie Review |

Rating: 3.25/5

Comedy King and young actor Allari Naresh has been struggling for success. His new attempt Naandhi is carrying decent expectations and released all over the globe today. Naandhi is directed by Vijay Kanakamedala and the film features Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Devi Prasad, Harish Uttaman, Vinay Varma, Srikanth Iyengar, Praveen, Priyadarshi in the other important roles. Sricharan Pakala composed the music and Satish Vegesna is the producer. Here is the complete review of Naandhi:


Allari Naresh essays the role of Surya Prakash, a honest youngster who comes from a middle-class happy going family. After settling well in life, his parents find a perfect match for Surya Prakash who gets married. In a disastrous take, Surya Prakash gets arrested and is named as the first accused in the murder of Rajagopal, a social activist. Though he never committed the crime, he waits for the final decision of the court for five years. Then comes Aadhya (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar) and the rest of Naandhi is about the real facts behind the murder. Watch the film for facts:


Allari Naresh

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Writing and Direction

Cinematography and Background score

Climax portions

Court Episodes

Emotional part


Slow paced second half

Performances:Allari Naresh is an incredible actor and Naandi proves it again. He is just amazing in the role of Surya Prakash. He carries the film completely with his performance alone. He excelled in the emotional episodes and is a treat to watch. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar joins Allari Naresh in the second half and they take the film to the next level. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is brilliant as Aadhya. Harish Uttaman does a powerful role as a corrupted cop and he plays his part well. Praveen gets an emotional role and he should be appreciated for his performance. Priyadarshi, Devi Prasad, Vinay Varma and others did their parts well.

Naandhi is a new attempt for Tollywood audience. The film has a package of surprises apart from some exceptional performances. The writing, screenplay and the narration are the film’s major strengths. The dialogues are good. The music and background score are good and the cinematographer presented the film in a new light. The production values, editing work and other technical aspects are equally good. Debutant Vijay Kanakamedala makes an impressive debut with Naandhi.

Verdict: Naandhi is a new attempt that should be watched in theatres. Allari Naresh and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar score high with their outstanding performances.

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Sumanth’s Kapatadhaari Movie Review



Kapatadhaari Movie Review

Kapatadhaari Movie Review | Young actor Sumanth is keen to bounce back and this time, he picked up a Kannada remake. The film Kapatadhaari presents Sumanth as a traffic cop who investigates a crime case. Pradeep Krishnamoorthy is the director and Sumanth, Nandita Swetha, Nasser, Vennela Kishore are the lead actors in this crime thriller. G. Dhananjayan, Lalitha Dhananjayan produced the film and Simon K King composed the music. Here is the complete review of Kapatadhaari that is hitting the screens today:

Story: Kapatadhaari is the story of Gautham (Sumanth) who works as a traffic cop and he feels restless because of his job. He is quite interested to solve criminal cases and one fine day, the three murder case comes to his notice. He gets in touch with Ranjan (Nasser) who investigated the case four decades ago. The rest of Kapatadhaari is all about the real facts, truths behind the three murders and how Gautham unfolds them to the world. Watch Kapatadhaari to know about the facts and the twists.


Sumanth and his performance

Some twists


Interval episode


Pale narration

Misses the nativity

Predictable second half and climax

Performances: Sumanth tops the show and does his job well as an inspiring cop who hunts to unfold the mystery. He fits well in the role and does his part well. Nassar is the other highlight of the film and his character was well penned and the actor is a perfect choice for the crucial role. Vennela Kishore managed to generate enough smiles. Jayaprakash and Satish Kumar did their parts well. Nandita Swetha has a limited role and the love story looks bland and has nothing new to offer. All the other actors are decent in their assignments.

Kapatadhaari has an interesting story. The narration and the screenplay are quite poor that the film falls flat. The dialogues too make no impact. The cinematography work has been good and apt. The music has no prominence and the background score should have been better. The production values are ok and the editing should has been better. Pradeep Krishnamoorthy fails badly in recreating the magic of the original and he relies completely on the Kannada film without making the major changes to impress the Tollywood audience.

Final Word: Kapatadhaari has nothing much to offer and is just a copy of the original. The film misses the magic because of the poorly penned script. Sumanth and Nassar does their parts well in this crime thriller.

Rating 2.5/ 5

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Uppena Review & Rating : Rustic Romantic Tale



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Uppena Review & Rating | Megastar Chiranjeevi’s’ nephew and Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej‘ younger brother Vaishnav Tej’s forthcoming flick ‘Uppena’ has been hitting the headlines ever since it went on floors.The Film has finally released today and Apparently, the entire Mega family could be waiting to hear the response for Uppena which marks the debut of Vaisshnav Tej.

Uppena also marks the debut of Heroine Krithi shetty and Director Buchi Babu Sana who was earlier the protease of Sukumar . Tollywood’s Noted Production House Mythri Movie Makers has bankrolled this Film in association with Sukumar Writings.

Here’s the Uppena Review and Rating :

RUN TIME2 Hours 27 Min


Uppena is the story of Aseervadham (Vaisshnav Tej) and Sangeetha aka Bebamma (Krithi Shetty) who come from the same village. While Aseervadham hails from a fisherman’s family, Bebamma represents a rich family and her father Raayanam (Vijay Sethupathi) is ruthless who is concerned about caste. Bebamma falls in love with Aseervadham and things change after Raayanam spots the duo. Asee and Bebamma elope from the village and the rest of Uppena is all about what happens next. Watch Uppena to know about the complete story.


Vaisshnav Tej and Krithi Shetty
Music and Cinematography
Exceptional First Half
Last 20 minutes of the film
Buchi Babu writing
Vijay Sethupathi


Predictable plot
Lag in the second half


Vaisshnav Tej is a treat to watch for the audience and he is perfect in the role of a youngster. His expressions have been top class and he fits well as a fisherman in the movie. He performed with ease in the songs and the action episodes. Krithi Shetty is the major USP of the film and she excelled in the assignment. Everything looked in favour of the actress. Her screen presence is her major asset and she did well in the role of Bebamma. Vijay Sethupathi as usual nailed it in style. He got a packed and powerful role that is the major highlight of the film. All the other actors did their part well.

Uppena has a predictable plot which is told in several love stories in Telugu cinema. It is the narration that packs a punch. The narration looks poetic and the lead actors excelled in their assignments. The music and the background score are the major highlights of Uppena. All the songs are shot well and the visuals are fantastic and they suit the film’s theme well. The cinematography work is good. The editing work should have been better. The production values are grand and Buchi Babu makes a dream debut with Uppena.


Uppena is a rustic romantic tale that will appeal to the youth big time. Performances, technical aspects are the major highlights of this romantic saga. rating : 3.25/5

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