Anushka’s Nishabdham Movie Review:

Anushka's Nishabdham Movie Review:
Anushka's Nishabdham Movie Review:

Anushka’s Nishabdham Movie Review: Anushka is making her comeback after two and a half years with Nishabdham. The film is touted to be a horror thriller that is directed by Hemanth Madhukar. The entire film is shot in USA and is made on a budget of Rs 30 crores. Anushka, R Madhavan, Shalini Pandey, Anjali, Micheal Madsen, Subbaraju and Srinivas Avasarala played the lead roles in Nishabdham. The film is produced by People Media Factory and Kona Film Corporation. Nishabdham is streaming on Amazon Prime from today. Here is the review of the film:


Sakshi (Anushka) is a mute artist who stays with her husband Anthony (R Madhavan). They visit a haunted house after which Anthony gets killed. Maha (Anjali) is a crime detective who investigates the case. Though Sakshi convinces that it is a ghost in the haunted house that killed her husband, Maha digs out the facts. The rest of Nishabdham is all about the mystery behind the murder of Anthony and watch the film to know if Sakshi is behind the murder of her husband.


Anushka’s performance
Background score
Cinematography work
Production values


Story, screenplay and direction
Second half
Predictable twists


Anushka tops the show with her stellar performance and is the major highlight of the film. Madhavan does well in his crisp role. Anjali fits well as a crime detective and Micheal Madsen was odd in his role. Shalini also looks convincing in the assignment. All the other actors have done their parts well and they have less prominence. The film banks on technical aspects and the grand production values.

The film has a thin plot and the screenplay work is the first disappointment for the movie. The dialogues are ok. Most of the twists are completely predictable and the film offers no thrills. The climax should have been better. With a bunch of talented actors and technicians, the film’s director Hemanth Madhukar comes up with a pale product that makes no impact. The production values have been top-notch.


Nishabdham is one of the biggest disappointments in the recent times and can be missed. The film offers nothing except a tedious watch.

Anushka’s Nishabdham Movie Review:

Anushka’s Nishabdham Movie Review:

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