Ram Gopal Varma’s biopic starts rolling

Veteran director Ram Gopal Varma landed into a series of controversies in the recent years because of his films. After he targeted various celebrities, Ram Gopal Varma too was targeted and a series of films on the life story of Ram Gopal Varma are made presenting him in a bad light. Ram Gopal Varma now created a sensation after he himself announced a three-film biopic on his life story. The first part of his biopic titled RAMU started rolling today. Ram Gopal Varma’s mother Suryavathi switched on the camera today. Bommaku Murali is the director and Dorasai Teja is the producer.

Ram Gopal Varma’s biopic will be made in three parts and it narrates his controversial life. “My sister Vijaya gave clap today for the first shot of my biopic part 1 titled RAMU. DORASAI TEJA is acting as me in my college days in part 1 biopic of RAMU. Here he is asking for my mom’s blessings” posted Ram Gopal Varma along with a bunch of pictures from the launch. The first part will be shot in quick schedules and will release early next year. Ram Gopal Varma will personally monitor the product. The other two parts of the biopic too will roll soon without major breaks.