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Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie Review: A Boring Attempt

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi Movie Review

Telugu digital platform Aha is back with its next release Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi this Friday. Touted to be an intense, romantic and action-packed thriller, the film is directed by Poluru Krishna. Munna, Drishika Chander, Ravi Varma, Subbarao, Prabhavathi played the lead roles and is produced by Chandra Kumari. The film is streaming on Aha from today. Here is the complete review of Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi:


Balu (Munna) falls in love with Swapna (Drushika) who is his neighbor from childhood. As time passes, they fall in love with each other. Swapna’s father Veeraswamy (Ravi Varma) is an ardent follower of caste and opposes their wedding. He believes in killing his daughter and goes to any extent for his prestige in the village. The young couple tries to elope and the rest of the film is all about the battle and watch Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi to know if these youngsters win their love.


Interval episodes


Poor writing and direction
Predictable premises
Second half
Technical aspects


Munna delivers a decent performance in the role of Balu and he should have been better in some of the episodes. Drushika too delivers her best on her debut though there are some flaws. Ravi Varma who plays the girl’s father delivers a top-notch performance and he is one of the highlights of the movie. Subba Rao does a decent job in the film. All the other actors have been decent in their roles.

Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi lacks an interesting story. The screenplay and dialogues are just ok and make no impact. The film lacks interesting chemistry between the lead actors and the entire narration looks dragged. The music and background score makes no impact. The cinematography work is just ok and so are the production values. The editing work should have been better. Director Poluru Krishna fails to impress the audience with the attempt of Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi.


Buchinaidu Kandriga Thurpu Veedhi looks pale, predictable, boring and can be given a skip as the film offers nothing interesting.

Rating: 1.5/5

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