Johar Movie Review: An Emotional narrative

Telugu OTT platform is releasing a small budget concept based film titled Johar. The film is streaming on Aha from today. The film features Naina Ganguly, Esther Anil, Chaitanya Krishna in the lead roles and is directed by Teja Marni. Here is the review of Johar:


Johar narrates the stories of five different individuals who are into five different professions. Vijay Varma (Chaitanya Krishna), the Chief Minister of the state wishes to build a statue of his father. Bala (Naina Ganguly) is an aspiring athlete who wishes to make it big in life. Bose (Subhaleka Sudhakar) is a student rights leader who fights on various issues. Gangamma (Eshwari Rao) is a depressed mother and Jyothi (Esther Anil) is a prostitute. Johar is all about how the decision of Chief Minister impacting their lives. Watch Johar to know about the consequences and what happens next.


Lead actors and their performances
Poetic Narration
First Half


Second half
Slow pace
Predictable episodes


Subhaleka Sudhakar strikes hard with his exceptional performance and carries the film on his shoulders. Chaitanya Krishna looks apt in the assignment and does his part well. Eshwari Rao’s role is much emotional and tears roll in for her performances and the designed scenes. Naina Ganguly is a surprise and she gets a fresh breath from regular glamorous roles. She fits well and she kept enough amount of hard work for the role. Esther Anil looks good and does her part well. All the other actors delivered their best.

Johar is layered with different stories that get clubbed at a common point. The first half was penned well and looks good. But the second half of the film misses the mark and it turns predictable. The audience finds nothing great in it. The dialogues are good and the screenplay should has been better. The production values are top class and the cinematography is the major highlight of the film. The editing is good and the background score suits the film well. Teja Marni does a decent job in his first attempt.


Johar is emotional that narrates five different stories. The solid performances make the film a decent one time watch and the second half should have been much more better.


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