Deva Katta creates a stir in Tollywood

Plagiarism is not new to Telugu cinema and there were a lot of allegations in the past which vanished after years of fight. Talented writer and director Deva Katta accused Vishnu Induri of plagiarism issues for NTR biopic. Now the war or words reached new heights after Vishnu Induri announced that he would produce a film on Chandra Babu Naidu and YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s friendship. Deva Katta said that he was the one who penned the script and he is not ready to tolerate it.

Deva Katta took his twitter handle to clarify that he would disclose all the truths and facts about this project. He slammed Vishnu Induri publicly through his twitter page. “Going to put forward all the undeniable proofs/witnesses and sources to shut Vishnu Induri’s lies once for all, exposing his plagiarism riding on other people’s money and ideas” posted Deva Katta.