100 days for Bigg Boss 4

Bigg Boss 4 is expected to happen in June but it was delayed due to coronavirus pandemic. There are several speculations about the dates, contestants and the host. Nagarjuna is finalized to host Bigg Boss 4 and the promos are canned currently. There are talks that Bigg Boss 4 is cut shorted and it will be wrapped up in 50 days. But the latest update says that Bigg Boss 4 will continue for 100 days and not less than that. The organizers wanted to utilize the coronavirus pandemic season.

Bigg Boss 4 is expected to start from August 30th and the set work is completed in Annapurna Studios. The contestants are finalized and the promotional activities will commence this week. There would be some changes to the tasks among the contestants and housemates. Nagarjuna is taking special care for Bigg Boss 4. Star MAA is in plans to retain the top slot with Bigg Boss 4.