Powerstar Review: RGV continues to disappoint

Ram Gopal Varma targeted Pawan Kalyan with his next film Powerstar. The lead actor who looks the same like Pawan Kalyan is named Prawan Kalyan and he floats on his own party Manasena. Prawan Kalyan loses in the polls so badly and he gets betrayed by his closed ones. The film’s runtime is 37 minutes and it seems completely like a short film. The film has nothing interesting and exciting except some satires on Mega family, Chandra Babu Naidu and Trivikram Srinivas.

Ram Gopal Varma makes a surprising entry as a huge fan of Prawan Kalyan. He takes a dig on Prawan Kalyan and teaches him a lesson if he wishes to win the 2024 polls in Andhra Pradesh. The entire film was shot in a single location. There is no scope for music and cinematography work to excel. RGV comes with a cheap attempt and wanted to generate buzz through the controversies. Powerstar is one more poor attempt and is a huge disappointment. Please stay away from this satirical drama.


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