Mega fans planning revenge on RGV


Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming movie Powerstar is leaving Mega fans restless. The pictures from the movie left many in shock. Though they started trolling and abusing, Ram Gopal Varma was not at all bothered about these which irritated Mega fans even more. They are all set to give a fitting reply to RGV through short films and videos. Mega fans will take a dig on RGV.

There are talks that Mega fans are producing ‘RGV Rasaleelalu which reveals about the other side of RGV. The film is all about their take about RGV’s affair with a heroine. RGV’s darkside and unknown truths from his life will be narrated in this film. They are also in plans to take a dig about the personal life of RGV. The film also narrates how RGV betrayed his wife and children. The film is expected to start soon.