Cost cuttings for Balakrishna’s Monarch


The coronavirus is having a massive impact on Telugu cinema. The entire film industry is shut from the past three months and it takes months more to restart the works. The producers are under huge stress. Balakrishna’s next film is tentatively titled Monarch and is directed by Boyapati Srinu. Both Balakrishna and Boyapati slashed down their paycheques after the film needed a massive budget. With the arrival of coronavirus, the shoot of the film got stalled.

The makers informed the cut in the salaries of the team of all the departments. Only half of the regular salaries would be paid for the team as per the update. The film’s producer Miryala Ravindar Reddy already informed the same to all the departments. Once the work resumes, they would be paid full salaries. The same is the case with several other production houses. Monarch is aimed for summer release next year.