No budget cuts for Hiranyakashyapa says Suresh Babu


Hiranyakashyapa is one of the big-budget films that will start soon. Rana Daggubati will be seen as a demon god Hiranyakashyapa in the film. Gunasekhar is the director and the pre-production work of Hiranyakashyapa got completed recently and it continued for two years. There are speculations that the film’s producer Suresh Babu allocated Rs 200 crores budget for the movie and the film has several Hollywood technicians on board.

After the coronavirus outbreak, there are speculations that the project is shelved and there are rumors that the budget is slashed. Keeping an end to all these, Suresh Babu made it clear that there would be no change in the budget of the film. “Some of the films should be told with high standards and we have to spend lavishly for the audience to come to theatres to watch such visual spectacles. Hence, we decided to shell out huge money for the movie” told Suresh Babu. Hiranyakashyapa will start rolling next year.