Four heroines in Bigg Boss 4?


With the delay in the shoots and theatres, Tollywood is left restricted. With the growing number of coronavirus cases, it is not possible to start the shoots anytime soon. With this, Star MAA is in plans to start Bigg Boss 4 at the earliest. Once the situations settle down, Bigg Boss 4 will be aired on Star MAA. Nagarjuna will host the fourth season of Bigg Boss and the contestants are already finalized.

The makers already made all the needed arrangements considering the coronavirus pandemic. As per the latest rumor that is making rounds, four heroines Hamsa Nandini, Shraddha Das, Priya Vadlamani and Yamini Bhaskar have been finalized for Bigg Boss 4. All these actresses played roles in Tollywood and are now struggling for offers. Star MAA will make an official announcement about the dates. A special set is erected for Bigg Boss 4 in Annapurna Studios.