Rajamouli in plans to make changes for RRR


RRR is the most awaited Telugu film that is aimed for Sankranthi 2021 release. Two Superstars NTR and Ram Charan are playing the lead roles in this periodic action drama that is made on a budget of Rs 400 crores. When things are going smoothly, the film’s shoot got a breakthrough coronavirus. With the Telangana government responding on a positive note, Rajamouli is a delighted man. Rajamouli and his team are not ready to miss the release date of January 8th 2021 and they are in plans to complete the shoot at the earliest.

Rajamouli is in plans to make minor changes in the script to complete the shoot at the earliest. Also, sets will be erected in Hyderabad instead of flying to other places. Though this would heap up the budget, Rajamouli wants to get the work done soon. Also, Rajamouli is in plans to skip some of the episodes if they are not flexible for shoot at this time. The shoot of RRR is expected to resume from the mid of June. A trial shoot for RRR will be conducted this month-end.