PVP takes a dig on Bandla Ganesh


Bandla Ganesh is a man of controversial words or comments and he prefers to takes a dig on film celebrities, actors and directors. He recently slammed Harish Shankar for ignoring him on the occasion of Gabbar Singh completing eight years. Bandla Ganesh said that Harish Shankar is fit only to direct remakes. Harish Shankar replied with a strong counter saying that he is not much bothered about people with zero credibility. Harish Shankar said that he would continue delivering good work.

Soon, top producer PVP joined the game and he took a dig on Bandla Ganesh for his comments. Bandla Ganesh recently said that he would return back to mainstream cinema and will produce several projects. PVP made comments that he cannot even produce a YouTube short film and he supported Harish Shankar. PVP filed a series of cases on Bandla Ganesh after Ganesh owes money to PVP. The controversial conversation reached new heights with the joining of PVP.